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Bye MIGW '17!

After an extremely fast paced 8 days of non-stop meetings, Q&A's, conferences and coffees, Melbourne International Games Week has drawn to a close for 2017.


I'd like to say a massive thank you to the IGDA & IGDA Foundation and their incredible staff for offering me such a prestigious and incredible scholarship, and to Creative Victoria & Film Victoria for helping fund the scholarship. I'm extremely humbled and grateful. I'm also very lucky to have been with such an amazing bunch of scholars, and I'm looking forward to staying in touch.

Relaxing with some D&D on the second last day at PAX, with me running a game for my fellow scholars!

I'd also like to thank my incredible mentor Jennifer Scheurle. I can't express in words how lucky and happy I am to have been taken under your wing for a week.

My favourite event from the week was definitely GCAP; I learned a lot from the panels, and also had a great time meeting new developers not just from Melbourne, but from NZ & the US as well.

Next stop - GDC in San Fransisco!

- Emily

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