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Early Career


Through 2018, I devoted ~20 hours per week to running a Twitch stream. I played a variety of games and streamed development of GRIMOIRE. With the goal of inclusivity in mind, I built a small but loyal community of 200 followers in six months. I ran a Discord community for my stream too, and received funding through the inaugural BroadcastHER grant to help my streaming career flourish. These experiences allowed me to start my community management career, and also lended me the skills and confidence to run the official Twitch stream of Balancing Monkey Games.




For one year, I sat on the Board of Directors for WiDGET, an intersectional not-for-profit feminist

organisation focused on the retention of and support of marginalised developers. My role as Board Member involved providing advice and insight from a student and graduate perspective.

Make Faces is a mobile app prototype I worked on with friends. Led by Cole Williams, my role on the project was UX, User Research, Testing, and Marketing.

Extraterrestrial Transmissions

ET Icon.png

Extraterrestrial Transmissions is a single-player game jam game. The goal was to create a polished, aesthetically pleasing game with minimal mechanics. My roles on this project were Game Design and Production.

Make Faces


Whimsical Wares


Whimsical Wares was my student capstone project. The goal was to learn how to develop and publish a mobile game for mobile. My roles on this project were Team Lead, Game Designer and Producer.

Space Coast - Toast to Toast (2017)


Rattos with Hattos is a multiplayer game jam game. The goal was to create a short, chaotic game for 2 players with only one controller. My roles on this project were Designer and Producer.

Space Coast - Toast to Toast is a shooter-style game jam game. The goal was to mimic all things Vaporwave while creating a silly and intuitive game. My roles on this project were Designer and Producer.

Rattos with Hattos



Choppy is a mobile game jam game. The goal for the project was to create a fun, bright and simple mobile game. My roles on this project were Production, Design, and Quality Assurance.



The Waddlesome Feud is my first finished game project, with a 4 month development cycle. The focus of the project was to learn about scope, timelines, and teamwork. The goal as a team was to deliver a brawler-style game to show classmates. I was Producer for this project, and I also took on marketing-esque duties.


Women + NB Studying Games was a community I founded for Women and NB Folk studying game dev at any level. Recent alumnus, mentors, educators and community leaders also joined and contributed.​ The community grew to over 250 members, reaching many international destinations.

The Waddlesome Feud

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