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Shipped Titles


Before We Leave

Balancing Monkey Games

Available on PC (Steam, EGS, GOG), Xbox, Playstation and Nintendo Switch

Role - Community & Media Manager

I tackled a massive variety of tasks on Balancing Monkey Games' first title, Before We Leave. From shipping the game across multiple PC and Console platforms, to assisting with interviewing and hiring staff, to managing a Discord community of 6,000 people strong, to working on the in-game tutorial, achievements and scenarios, my work and influence on Before We Leave and Balancing Monkey Games is present and strong.



Mighty Eyes (formerly Wanderer Ltd)

Role - Community & Marketing Manager

At Mighty Eyes, my primary duties were to research and author high level marketing & community management strategies to ensure the success of their first title, Wanderer. I worked with a variety of social media and community platforms to achieve KPIs around post regularity. I also assisted with studio management and production duties, and some motion capture acting and singing.


Critter Clash

Lumi Interactive

Role - Player Support and QA Tester

In this position, I delivered concise and empathetic customer care to Critter Clash players for the pre-launch and post-launch period. I also maintained player-centric documentation and FAQ for the game, and took on minor playtesting duties in liasion with the Lead Game Designer.

critter clash.jpg


Personal Project


The main goal of GRIMOIRE was to develop a polished demo within a one-year period. In this varied role, I developed all aspects of the game except art. Despite GRIMOIRE only being a short demo and a personal passion project to boot, it is the most ambitious project I have worked on, mainly due to the nature of solo developer work.

Available for download on

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