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Shipped Titles

Collaboration with Pride

Being hired to work on a pre-existing project is a special thing, and I always put the same love and diligence into these projects as I do my own.

Critter Clash

Available for Android & iOS 

Role - Player Support and Quality Assurance

In this position, I worked with the team at Lumi Interactive to deliver care to Critter Clash players, and to test Android and iOS builds of the game to ensure excellence and reliable play.

Player Support: I fielded queries and complaints from Critter Clash players through HelpShift, email and 
Discord- providing accurate information as well as the best care was (and is) my highest priority. Maintaining and editing player FAQ for current and clear information was another task I undertook. I also managed Google Play reviews- making sure players feel heard was crucial. Additionally, I authored reports on player satisfaction that were provided to the team for analysis and action. As a result of this work, Critter Clash players praised us for quick responses, accurate information, and ease of communication.

Quality Assurance: Working with the designer and technical producer, I tested various Android and iOS builds of Critter Clash to locate and replicate bugs of various kinds and severity. For Android bugs, I notified the team about their presence through reporting and Slack messages- for iOS bugs, I utilised the team's Asana board. 

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