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Jetting off to Sweden

I've just achieved one of my major career goals!

In 2016, when I first started studying, I heard of a Game Development acceleration program in Sweden called "Stugan". After doing a bit of research, I knew I had to apply.

From their website, "Stugan is a non-profit accelerator program for talented game developers, helping new teams and individuals to realise their wildest game ideas. Spend two months of your life in the woods, far away from civilisation building the game of your dreams."

Two years later, my friend (and now my colleague!) Candice and I pitched a game to bring and develop at Stugan; GRIMOIRE. You can watch our pitch video here.

A month or so later, we were absolutely thrilled, shocked and delighted to find out we had been accepted, and we would be going to Sweden! Both of us are itching to hop on the plane and leave. It's incredibly exciting to be included in such a prestigious program.

I will be posting weekly updates to my personal blog, if you'd like to follow me on my journey.

Thanks for reading!

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