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Global Game Jam 2018

In late January, I was happy to attend my second Global Game Jam in Melbourne. The theme for 2018 was "Transmissions".

My amazing team! Photo courtesy of David Ma.

I worked with a talented team of three artists (Candice, Nicole & Mila) and one programmer (Rhys). Together, we made a beautiful and simple game called Extraterrestrial Transmissions.

The game is about a lonely alien in the woods trying to make contact with their friends using a radio. Using the A and D keys on the keyboard, the player navigates the radio frequencies until there is no more static, and the music is clear. Their alien friends beam down, and the party begins!

This game was interesting to make, due to a very strong art team; I had to manage the expectations of enthusiastic artists wanting to make the game absolutely gorgeous to look at, while helping our programmer implement game play and other features to give it that important fun factor.

Party Time!

I believe our team's success and happiness over the weekend was due to getting a full nights sleep on Friday & Saturday, as well as taking regular breaks, eating at the designated times and drinking plenty of water! A game jam is definitely a marathon, and not a sprint; self care is important.

I'm really looking forward to Global Game Jam 2019!

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