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Wading into the Stream

In January, I began something I've always wanted to do - streaming on Twitch! I've been streaming a mixture of gaming, and game development. I've met a lot of great people, I'm learning so much and I'm having a great time doing it as well.

Recently I was also lucky to become an Affiliate, which is a great milestone achievement for my Twitch channel! This means people are able to subscribe to my channel, and use bits (a Twitch exclusive currency).

Twitch streaming has been an awesome and welcome new challenge for me. I also have a newfound respect for streamers - a lot more work goes into it than meets the eye.

I'm now working towards becoming Partnered with Twitch, and I'm really enjoying the journey thus far.

You can check out my stream at I stream 4 days a week from 7pm - 12pm.

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