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Fun with love and empathy


Wanderer Ltd

Community & Marketing Manager

At Wanderer, my primary duties were to research and author high level marketing & community management strategies to ensure success of Wanderer's upcoming release. Additionally I developed and scheduled content for various social media platforms - primarily Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Discord. I also copy wrote player facing content such as emails and developer logs. These tasks were challenging due to non-disclosure agreements - I often had to think outside of traditional methods of making content to begin spreading the word about Wanderer.

Games and Advocacy

Through 2018, I devoted around 20 hours per week to streaming on Twitch. I played a variety of games and streamed some development of GRIMOIRE. I built a small but dedicated community with a strong dedication to creating a safe space for minority gamers and fellow streamers.


Additionally, I ran a Discord concurrent to the stream. I was also honoured to receive funding through the inaugural BroadcastHER grant, to help my stream flourish. 


Women + NB Studying Games

Founder & Admin

Women + NB Studying Games is a community for Women and NB Folk either interested in studying, or currently studying anything game dev related. Recent alumnus, mentors, educators and community leaders join and contribute.​ 


Using experience from my previous career in Telecommunications,  I've helped grow the community of Women + NB Studying Games to over 250 members, reaching countries such as Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Nepal, and other international destinations.


(Women in Development, Games and Everything Tech)

Board Member

For one year, I had the privilege of sitting on the Board of Directors for WiDGET. WiDGET is an intersectional not-for-profit feminist

organisation focused on the retention of and support for women and

non-binary game developers.

As a recent game development graduate, my role as Board Member involved providing advice and insight from a student perspective.

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